Escaperooms is the first real life escape game in Poland. Have you ever played an escape game on the internet? Have you seen the movie Saw? Well, its very much like that, except you don’t have to cut your leg off. What you need to do, is get out of a locked room in 60 minutes. There are lots of gadgets, codes, and hidden hints that might help you and your crew on your way out. The game is for teams from 2 up to 5 people. During the event, the game masters will guide you through if you get stuck at one point. We currently have 6 game rooms.

Live Escape games are a new trend, that has been taking the world by storm. It’s the most popular entertainment spot in London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Athens , Berlin, and many other cities.

In Gdańsk, we have prepared 5 game rooms with different themes. Each one is a unique adventure. Where do you want to start?

1. The Amber Room

2. The Lab Of Dr. Lev Pasted

3. The Office Of John Monroe

4. The Room Of The Lost Child

5. The Exorcism

6. The Mistress

We can’t wait for you to try it. The clock is ticking!


Its simple: you have 60 minutes to get out of a locked room.


Search is a must when you get inside. Look around carefully. You never know what will be handy..


During the game the game masters give you some hints about the game if you stuck at some point. Just check the inner display.


You and your team must combine things you find. Possibly a code you found won’t work on the first thing you try on. Keep trying till yu find the axact matching.


You better write down any codes or hints you find in the room. It might come back to you later.


Its better to have all the collected items at one place. This way you will never have to search again for an already found item.


Watch the inner display regularly, becase sometimes, a picture pops up, which can be very useful.


The best way to get out of the room in time is to communicate a lot with your team mates, and to be as fast as you can.


Dont be scared if you dont speak Polish. Most puzzles and riddles can be solved without using any language.


Teamwork is a must, when you play this game. If you dont cooperate you will never get out in time.


Our prices are really fair. If you come in a greater number, the price is less. If you get more people to play, the less you will pay.


The final goal in the game is to get out before the time runs out. If you are inventive enough you will escape the room.


Every day from 10:00 to 21:30