– Is it a scary or horror like game?
– No. Not at all! To tell you the truth its more exciting than you can imagine.

Panic Button

– What happens if I want to leave the room during the game?
– That’s simple. There is a panic button in each room. Just press it and you are free!


– What happens if I need to go to the toilet during the game?
– Just press the Panic Button and you can leave the room. The game master will let you back in.

Locked objects

– I know that there are some objects in the room which are sealed or locked. Why is that?
– It’s because we don’t want people to move or open those objects. They must stay in a fixed position in order to work properly. So please, do not try to move or open them by force.

Code error

– What happens if a code isn’t working on a lock.
– If it’s not working on one lock, it probably might on another. Or maybe it won’t be useful at all.

Dead End

– What happens if a code isn’t working on any of the locks or pads, although we tried them all?
– That’s because that exact code will not be used at any point of the game. There are some built in “dead ends”, so you will have to try harder.


– What happens if the time runs out?
– Nothing. The game master lets you out and you loose the game. Come back and try again.


– Can we get any help or hints during the game?
– Of course you can! The game masters are watching the gameplay through the built in cameras. They give you hints when they see that you are stuck.

Missed Help

-What happens if we miss the hint screen on the display?
– Each hint is accompanied by an alert, just to make sure you are aware that a hint has appeared on the screen.


– What happens if I damage or destroy an important object or code?
– The game is constructed in a way, that you don’t need to use force to open something or to obtain a code. In case of damage resulting of used force by the players, you will need to cover the damage. In any other case, a replacement will be given to you right away, during the game.


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